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Who needs false lashes when they could be REAL?

When I was about 15 years old I remember sitting in the audience of a concert my grandparents were playing in (trumpet and piano). I could overhear the couple behind me quietly arguing with each other about ME! The man was saying "Of course they are real, what do you mean dear?" while the woman was getting louder and louder exclaiming, "Who would let a child wear false eyelashes? What kind of parents do you suppose she has?" back and forth until I finally turned around and said "They are REAL!" I don't think either of them expected a reply to their bickering and I don't think they even realized they could be overheard. I was annoyed and embarrassed, not accepting the underlying compliment I think I was receiving.

I've always had long lashes. I was a teenager in the 80's (yes the ones in the 1900's) where it was all about big hair, tons of mascara like a spider and Duran Duran! I would spray half a can of Aqua Net into my hair while blow drying it and pile on the Cover Girl mascara in the pink and green tube and be on my way out the door. I wasn't a big makeup lover and I didn't really know how to apply it. 

I have brown eyes and always wanted blue eyes like my brother, or green eyes like my dad. You always want what you don't have right? Well, after that night at the concert in my teens I began to realize that I didn't need all of the mascara piled on. I had what girls and women wanted without all the work. I began using just a thin coat of whatever mascara I had around and a little lip gloss.

At least once a week I would be asked if my eyelashes were real. I didn't have perfect skin or perfect hair, in fact I was full of freckles and had more than 3 bad perms in my day, but the eyelashes that I didn't have to work for was something that all of my female friends and family were envious of. Go figure! 

We all have things about ourselves that we like and things that we don't. I have spent the better part of my life trying to hide or cover my freckles, but the reality is that I can't get rid of them. They aren't going to disappear one day, so I might as well embrace them and highlight the things about my face that I do like.

About 10 years ago I was just cruising along the path of life when I started to notice a few fine lines, a few extra pounds, even more gray hair and although I still had much longer lashes than the average person, they weren't full and thick and dark. They actually never were. I could make them look full and thick and dark with makeup, but wearing mascara every day for 10+ hours really takes a toll on those fine little hairs.

I once paid upwards of $150 to have eyelash extensions put on and my gosh were they gorgeous! Even I was impressed by them....until the glue loosened up and they started to fall out. I was told to expect them to shed slightly in a few weeks and then I could come back for a "refill" or let them come out on their own. Well, I'm kind of a picker and once a few started coming out I decided I would pluck them all and go back to my naturally long lashes. Do I remember them telling me NOT to pull them off? I don't think I do......so about 3 weeks in I had nearly bald eyes with puffy lids and what I now know was a terrible idea in trying to keep up with Joneses and the 25 year olds with the long, thick, full, FAKE eyelashes.

I tell these stories because it took about 6 months before I looked like I hadn't gotten too close to the barbeque. Eventually they did grow back in nice and long, and I should have been content. I was to a point, but by now over 40 I felt like at every turn I would see a commercial or magazine ad for Latisse or Lash Boost or castor oil all to make your natural lashes EVEN BETTER!

I tried them all and to be honest they worked for the most part. I did notice they were longer, maybe even a little fuller. What I also noticed was that these products were either prescription only (Latisse) and could cause your iris to permanently discolor, they cost an arm and a leg ($80 - $150) for a 3 month supply and in the end they would always go right back to my normal, long but not luscious lashes.

I wanted to not have to wear makeup every day but still feel good about myself, and I wanted to look like every other doe eyed young girl without having to sacrifice my healthy lashes in the process. After speaking with my friends, daughters-in-law, co-workers and pretty much anyone who would listen, I realized that long lashes is not just a fad, but a desire for mostly everyone.

My husband had encouraged me to create something that not only I could use and not have to spend a fortune on, but that anyone could use and have the lashes they've always dreamed of. While not an easy task, after many months of blood, sweat, tears and sleepless nights I did it. I found not only a formula that is nourishing to the lashes and brows, but it extends the growth phase and speeds up the resting phase.

On average the entire life cycle of an eyelash lasts about 3 months give or take. The first phase (Anagen) or growing phase where the hairs grow to their full length typically lasts 4-6 weeks. The second phase (Catagen) is when the hairs stop growing but is not yet ready to shed. This is the transition phase and typically lasts 2-3 weeks. The third and final phase (Telogen) or resting phase is when the hair has reached its potential and is preparing to shed. This phase can last for 2-3 months, but typically lasts 6-8 weeks.

With our formula the life cycle of my own lashes has extended to over 6 months! I started by using the thin brush at the top and bottom lash lines on a clean dry face at night. After 3-4 weeks people started to make comments about how long my lashes are....then after 5 weeks even I noticed that when I wasn't wearing makeup it looked like I had mascara on. I am now 6 months and a week into using my product every night and I have not shed any noticeable lashes. My bottom lashes are longer than most peoples' top lashes and I am thrilled with the outcome. 

My daugters-in-law and friends are all using the 2-in-1 Eyelash and Eyebrow Growth Serum and having tremendous results. I can't wait for you to try it as well and before you know it you will never think about false lashes or lash extensions again.

Every other brand I've used has between .15oz and .27oz of product for anywhere between $65-$180 for a 3 month supply tube. Not only is our tube twice the size at .54oz, but it has dual applicators for use on both the eyelashes and eyebrows. AND because I want everyone to get the best results possible, I am including a mascara spooly as well as a rose gold eyelash curler so that you will see the absolute best results possible.

To use: On a clean, dry face apply a thin line of eyelash growth enhancing serum to upper and lower lash line using the thin brush applicator as if applying eyeliner. Use doe foot applicator on brows using one swipe per brow of the eyebrow growth enhancing serum. For even better result, I've included a mascara spooly...dip the spooly into the serum on either side and brush onto the length of the upper and lower lashes. This will not only make the lashes fuller, but will pump the hair shafts up for thicker lashes as well. Once dry (about 1-2 minutes) continue with your skincare routine.




I’ve never had long or even full eyelashes. They’ve always been very light so back in the day..mascara was a must. I’m in my late 50’s and today they’re hardly there at all..same with my eyebrows..very light. Unless there’s ‘a ball’ to go to ;) , I rarely put on mascara today but the eyebrows are a must. Anyway, have you received any feedback from those similar to me who’ve used the product? btw: I’m full blooded Irish and though they’ve faded, I loved my freckles. I was always complemented on my skin and never thought of freckles as a blemish. Quite the opposite. All a matter of perspective I imagine.

Yvonne B

I love the growth enhancing serum!!
I’m hate using fake eye lashes, now I don’t have to.

Rachelle Rylee

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