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NEW!! Meltaway Cleansing Balm

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We are very exciting to bring you the most effective cleansing product for safely yet gently removing even the toughest long-wearing makeup and sunscreen. Our natural, paraben-free and Hypoallergenic formula is made for everyday use without stripping away your skins' moisture barrier. Ideal for all skin types, especially those with sensitive skin.

For those of your who love a double cleanse, this is the perfect first step. I too was a die hard double cleanse girl until I discovered how effective this formula is on its own. No need for foaming cleansers with harsh chemicals or miceller waters and scrubs. This little jar will last a very long time since you use it so sparingly. One small scoop will dissolve waterproof mascara, long wearing foundations, smudge proof lipsticks and waterproof eyeliner all while leaving your skin hydrated, soft and squeaky clean.

If you've never used a cleansing balm, let me introduce your to your new best friend. The balm resembles candle wax in its solid form. Using the included scoop, apply a dime-sized or lesser amount on your fingers. Gently rub between your fingers and onto DRY skin and as the heat from your fingertips starts working the product around and it transforms into a cleansing oil which dissolves makeup, dirt and oil. Work into skin until all traces of makeup are gone, usually 15-30 seconds. Using lukewarm water on your hands or a gentle cloth watch as the oil emulsifies on contact with the water turning milky white and rinses completely away.

This type of cleanser is much more gently on your skin than sudsy facial washes which use chemicals to strip away your makeup and sunscreen leaving your face feeling squeaky and stripped of its natural moisture. Our formula not only leaves your moisture barrier intact, but infused with natural citrus herb oils naturally brighten and nourish skin. The scent is very light with no fragrance added, no essential oils or perfumes and nothing that will clog your pores or burn your eyes.

Our beautiful frosted glass jar will add a nice touch to our bathroom counter. At 3.4 oz it will last for 60 days if used every evening. That's twice as long as other balms on the market.